Wednesday, December 22, 2010

look what the solstice faeries left!!!

Our Newest Additions!!

This year the solstice faeries left DOLLS! The boys love them & have been taking care of them nicely!! I need to get some better pictures of them, but here they are! I plan on posting more about our winter solstice activities, but for now I just wanted to share these sweet dolls!

I custom ordered them from Duck Duck Goose Toys, check out her little shop on etsy! They are perfect and she went way out of her way to get them to me by the Solstice!!!

Now I need to get busy making some doll clothes!!!

O Christmas Tree

Oh, HI!! I haven't posted in a while! I really miss blogging, I take so many more picture when I do and I love looking back at what we did in previous years. So I need to catch up a little!
We went to Johnson Tree Farm, a beautiful local tree farm. We could have spent the day there (or moved in)! We hiked around and cut down our tree, played on the slide, playhouse, and vintage tractors, bought things from their wonderful gift shop, checked out the goats and chickens, and the owner was super nice! I didn't take many pictures, but there are a few-

Johnson Tree Farm will definitely be a yearly tradition for us:)