Tuesday, March 16, 2010

healing waters

Everest has been sick this week starting with a high fever in the middle of the night and some scary behavior, we ended up in the ER. Now, a week later, he still has fevers on and off and is not a happy guy:( It is the sickest either of my kids have ever been, and has been challenging! Poor little guy can't sleep or nap and wants to nurse all the time...
I have been trading fossil fuel for sanity and taking long drives to the coast. It's hard to imagine not living near the coast, it is always so wonderful and healing to visit, I think I would miss it too much! Here are a few pictures from our drives:) I'm hoping Evie will get past this soon and life can return to 'normal' :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

homemade almond 'milk'

Mmmm, homemade almond milk! This recipe can be made with any kind of nuts, but almond is my favorite. I've made this recipe with sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, cashews, and sometimes a blend. My husbands favorite is sunflower seed milk. It's really easy and taste so good! Also very nutritious to add to smoothies and recipes!!!
You need:
1c almond or other nuts/seeds
3-4c water
vanilla extract (optional)
agave, honey, or other sweetener (optional)

First, rinse & soak 1c of nuts for 4-12 hours.
I usually soak overnight. If you soak for longer then 12 hours make sure to rinse and add fresh water. Sunflower seeds only need to be soaked for 2-4 hours

Rinse with fresh water. Put almonds with 2c of water in blender. Blend for a minute or so and add 1-2 more cups of water (so about 4c total) and blend more. Add a tsp of vanilla extract and sweeten to taste.
I usually sweeten with agave, honey, or fresh dates.

Strain through multi-layered cheesecloth or a cloth bag.

Yummy, delicious almond milk should be good for 3 days in the fridge.
and yes, I do drink it in a wine glass, I like fresh juice in a wine glass too, it makes it feel 'fancy' hehe!

I have been eating mainly raw foods for the past week, lots of fresh veggie juice, and the cooked food I do eat is mainly whole cooked grains (quinoa, rice, oats), steamed veggies, and eggs. I feel good eating this way, I have a lot more energy, but I spent over my grocery budget this week so I need to find some kind of balance to make this do-able!! Either way, I really love this almond milk!

Monday, March 8, 2010

the mighty oak

Two large oak trees have fallen on our street in the past week. The first fell on a power line and propane tank (not a good combo, but no one was hurt) and the second tree is pictured above. It fell on a power line and our neighbors car!!! At least it missed her house (and ours)which she has been remodeling, and no one was hurt!! This tree is about 15 feet away from the tree that fell on our home almost 4 years ago, pictured below! I love living in a redwood forest, but I don't think the oaks do! eeekk!

april 2006, oak on our house

Sunday, March 7, 2010

daily rhythm

Everest 1 year ago today

As our daily rhythm is ever changing like the seasons of the year, we have gotten a little off beat. Everest has finally changed from two naps to one, but he still wants to take it so early! Everything seems to have unraveled and even meal times have not been regular. I am working on a new rhythm for our family and enjoying these longer days! Simple Moms Blog just posted '20 tips for finding your routine with kids' and it was inspiring. I need to get back to doing my 'paperwork' in the morning with my first cup of coffee...writing out the meals for the day, planned activities, things to do, etc. I also like to balance our budget and do any menu planning at that time to. It was good habit for a couple months but I haven't been doing it this month. I have to say, my husband having a week off work totally threw me off!

Kylan, 1 year ago

I've been feeling like I'm being pulled in so many directions I can't keep up with anything! I guess that's called life:) I often get focused on a set routine/rhythm for the kids and forget that it all starts with me! I need my own rhythm and routine for myself. I am not a morning person and Everest is bouncing off the walls by 5:30am. It's been a big challenge for me to be the kind of mom I want to be at 5am!! If I can sneak off and take a quick shower it makes a world of difference, so that's one thing I want to incorporate into my mornings. And, well, it's almost 11pm so I better go to bed since I know I'll be up to see the sun rise:)

I am reminded of the quote-
"strive for excellence, not perfection"
Have a beautiful almost-springtime week!

little sweater vest

I am lovin this pattern! It was fairly quick and easy and I really like how it turned out! I used an organic wool, baby alpaca, silk blend, so it is supper soft. Everest loves it but refused to put a long sleeve shirt on first:) I am about half done with Kylans vest too:)
I found the buttons at a local antique store, I used three different style buttons all made from wood.

I used this pattern-