Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WIP Wednesday!!

The long lost sock... I made this sock a few years ago and never made a partner, so I think they may become a Christmas present to myself this year:)
Kylans socks, almost done...

And a project for the road. We are leaving this morning to drive down to Southern California to visit our families and to celebrate Kylans 4th Birthday:) I'm hoping I can knit in the car without getting car sick, we'll see:)


Kimberley Lynch said...

I am so jealous everytime I hear about people getting so much kitting done in the car! It makes me sick! I hope you can do it! Safe journey!

Hip Mountain Mama said...

I have been reading so much about knitted socks today! I have not attempted socks yet, but am getting very close!!

*erin* said...

Oh, I couldn't knit in the car, it did make me sick:( I got a little done after the boys went to sleep:)

gardenmama said...

so many beautiful projects, you are a creative mama!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

I am sure I could definitely not knit in the car! I love your knitting projects! I would love to have a tall pair of socks like Kylan's.