Wednesday, April 28, 2010

muddy days

The weather has been perfect...sunny for a few days, rainy for a few days, more sun, more rain...the garden is very happy and most my seedlings want to go in the ground! If all goes well we should have a few more garden beds built this week! Our yard has been quite muddy! Fun, messy, lots of laundry, but fun:)

One of the new beds, really just an effort to make a flat contained area. The metal and wood are all reused from structures we took down on our property. I transplanted some starts and started some areas by seed. It's been up for a few weeks so it looks different now.

G's been working on a little fort with a slide:) I'll get some better pictures when he's done...

We had a few days in the 80's and I could feel summer in the air! We even had our first veggie BBQ for the year and dinned outside. It feels like we have so much going on and I have too many thoughts and to-do list in my head! I am trying again to get into the habit of stretching and meditating at night before bed! So one more post & off I go-


angelina said...

i love your little un's hat; did you make it/?

*erin* said...

I did make his hat, I'm not sure which yarn I used, but I think it's my favorite hat:)