Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So I've been planning for our first year homeschooling. Kylan will have kindergarten this year and next year, so this is kind of a test run. He will be 5 in November. Waldorf education does not start academics until 1st grade, so it will be somewhat like a preschool. Circle time, crafts, art, lots of seasonal activities.

Basically we will have a weekly theme (or book) and 3 days of planned activities around that theme, for instance one week next month will be about apples.

Day 1- read books about apples/fall, paint apples

Day 2- visit a u-pick apple orchard

Day 3- Bake with apples and make apple butter

So here are our themes for the fall-

week 1 Harvest
week 2 apples
week 3 autumn
week 4 autumn equinox

week 1 monarch butterflies
week 2 pumpkins
week3 leaves
week 4 Halloween

week 1 Lono and Cocoa Boata
week 2 cont.
week 3 light (candles)
week 4 Thanksgiving

week 1 trees
week2 rain
week 3 winter solstice
week4 Christmas
week 5 off

I am planning on writing a more detailed schedule monthly, but this is the basic plan.

I have been finding crafts and books with the fall theme and it's made me think about planning for fall in other areas of our lives. We tend to do everything last buy firewood during the first big storm and have to run out and get a new tarp, etc. So writing a basic yearly schedule for our household is another thing on the agenda. I do love writing list. Not always so good at getting things done, but G is!

We are currently decluttering and deep cleaning, it's just that time of year isn't it!? I think another little juice fast is in order as well. Clean it out!

Are you (or someone you know of) planning on blogging about kindergarten homeschooling? Please let me know if you are so I can follow your blog, thanks!!

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stacy gunter said...

my daughter will be 5 in nov, as well so we are doing that same test/trial run thing this year without a whole lot of attachment to it. trying to gain some form but stay lose, too. all of us learning as we go. thanks for the inspiration!