Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st day of homeschool

Our first day of pre-k 'home school'!! (Waldorf is non-academic before 1st grade, so it's more like a loosely organized preschool plan) I changed my mind on this weeks theme at the last minute. Since we are going to the Ohlone Day festival this weekend, I thought it would be fun to do some native American tales. I found a book with 3 animal tales from the Indian of this area that were very age appropriate for him and not too long. Kylan loved the first one we read! We did our first circle time (more on that later) and read one tale, then drew from the story. Kylan was so eager and really liked the tale. He will love the festival, can't wait to go!
In the background is my first try at chalk board drawing. I will change it every week or two to go along with our theme or the season. I really can't draw at this point, but I'm eager to learn too!

Don't know why, but these would only load sideways!? We both drew from the story (birds on a tiny mountain top during a flood) The top one is mine, it was so cute that he tried to draw the same, I was a little surprised! His is so cute:)

Geoff made 3 chalkboards with large frames we had in storage. We put one down low in our living room so the boys could draw on it:)
Tomorrow we will read the second story and bake cornbread and maybe '3 sisters harvest stew':)

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Little House On Wheels said...

Your first chalkboard drawing is absolutely beautiful! I would say you are a natural;)