Wednesday, September 22, 2010

so much to do, so little time:)

I have been busy and our schedule has shuffled quite a bit lately. I have been watching other children on and off since Kylan was a year old to try and make a little money from home. I haven't had much regular work for a while. Now I watch a 3yo girl 2 mornings a week, I have several 'on call' families and more often do 'nights out' for parents. Starting next month I will be watching 2 children 3-5 days a week as well.

In addition I have started cleaning houses and have 2 accounts:) I don't mind cleaning and it's always funner to clean other peoples houses! I even get to help one family de-clutter and re-organize which I LOVE! and best of all I get paid for it!!!!

I finally have a very clear picture of our monthly budget and track everything. I am very motivated to get some necessary stuff done on our house which we could not afford if I were not making money. So, I'm feeling very optimistic, but also hoping the job I start next month works out.

Meanwhile, I also am trying to do the normal cook, clean, crafts at my own house. In some ways I feel more motivated the busier I am. I'm hoping to find time to blog a little later this week.

Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn! We made apple gingerbread this morning and read autumn books. I have a couple things planned for tomorrow to celebrate. Did I mention I want another baby? now. But we need to wait a year for logical, practical reasons...but I don't wannna, waaa. But I know I need to. Ok, I'm off, many blessings to everyone and have a happy first day of fall!!!!

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