Saturday, October 17, 2009


Pickles! My first shot at canning them:) I only got a total of 6 jars (gave 2 away), but I am happy I got some canned. It's hard to get enough cucumbers ripe at the same time!

Not that pretty, but here is my lil canning stash this year:) I still need to can my frozen tomatoes!

Early morning floor snack...

The power was out for 32 hours this week and I was getting ready to can everything I have frozen. I started with strawberry jam and strawberries in sauce. When I had almost finished them up the lights went back on:) My frozen tomatoes luckily were not very defrosted, so I can procrastinate them a bit more. The strawberry jam turned out great:)

This year I canned apple butter, vanilla pear butter, pear sauce, mixed berry jam, strawberry jam, berries in juice, and pickles.

I hope to make ketchup, tomato sauce, and maybe another batch of apple butter:)

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