Saturday, October 17, 2009

catch-up with ketchup

My first try at making ketchup!
I have gotten so little done in the past couple weeks, I had a catch-up day:) Besides all the normal household things I needed to catch-up on today, I also had some good kitchen time baking and making ketchup!
I think the ketchup turned out great, It taste a little more vinegary then I would like, but the recipe said to wait 2 weeks before eating so maybe it will balance out. Made with beefsteak tomatoes from our garden. I used a recipe from the book Art of Preserving, modified a little of coarse:)
(I really need to take a photography class and get a good camera!)


Kimberley Lynch said...

so cool! I am impressed with all your canning! Last summer I canned a ton...this summer I knitted a summer maybe both!

*erin* said...

Thanks, I hope to can a lot more next year! I relize now I didn't knit enough this summer because now that the cold weather is here I have a huge list of things I want to knit:) So I'm hopeing to do lots of both next summer as well!!