Sunday, October 25, 2009

garden (neglect)

Since our lovely rain storm, sprouts are popping up all over! I managed to sneak out into the garden briefly before the storm to start some cover crops on a couple beds and seed some lettuce, chard, and kohlrabi. We also seeded the dry dirt patches in front of our house with grass seed. I'm hoping to get out there this week to change a few beds around (we have some temporary brick lined beds), start some more cover crops, plant our garlic and onion sets and transplant our strawberries that apparently prefer pots. I'll also be begging our tomato faeries to help ripen the many green Roma tomatoes hanging plump on the vine!!
On a side note, persimmons are producing in abundance this year, I picked several to see if they are really ready. Tried a sweet but still tannic persimmon today! wow...
scarlet runner beans

spouts poppin' in everywhere!

mint is crazy

hidden mushroom

gourds that I started a bit late

'soil builder' cover crop started in two beds

chard spouts:)

Neglected garden that needs some love and attention asap!

These flowers have been blooming FOREVER, I swear, for like months now! I love zinnias!

grass sprouts in our dirt path


Marina said...

Gorgeous! A real working garden...sigh it's something I only dream of :)

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Warmest Regards,

Gae said...

This is really a very lovely garden in my opiinion.
How great to have gouds growing I have wanted to grow these for years. I even have the seeds. next year maybe.

Mon said...

I LOVE the wildness. It looks good to me! lol

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

I think your neglected garden is beautiful! Better than a garden covered in snow like I have :)

Miri said...

what a lovely garden!!
everything is so full of colour & life!