Sunday, December 6, 2009

Welcome Winter!

Two days ago all of the trees began dropping their leaves, raining brown and gold. The wind and nights much cooler, we now welcome winter...
How odd it is that when everything else is withering and dieing our Hollyhock
is green and blooming! How long can it last???

We are ready for the storm, said to hit tonight, hoping it will bring much need rain. We have had a couple years of low rainfall & our reservoirs are thirsty. It is amazing (and scary to watch) how much these redwoods bend in the wind, so thin and tall, we are luck to live in the sunny center of a cathedral of trees.

Losing their leaves, they will soon be bare trees covered with deep orange ornaments:)

Just a few leaves left in our mini-vineyard.

2 cords of wood, already seem to be plowing through it!

my sweet helper

My lovely Zinnias, that bloomed forever, look just as beautiful, but in a different way!

*Wishing you warmth*

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gardenmama said...

such a beautiful post in photo and in words!