Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WIP Wednesday!!

For some reason this photo keeps loading sideways!!!
Everest really wanted in on this photo session!

I love knitting socks, especially kids socks! They go much quicker!

I finally knit a hat for my husband! It reminds me of coffee...

Pj pants for Kylan that ended up way to big...

Holiday gnomes:)
I have a few more started, but crafting with an 18 month old is so challenging. We started these while he was napping, but he takes short naps. He wants everything I have in my hand and likes to attack the sewing machine, my sewing baskets...just don't let him see my tomato pincushion!!! He loves tomatoes and freaks when he sees (and can't have) the pincushion!

Wishing you a warm and peaceful day!


gardenmama said...

there is so much warmth and creativity in your day! i love love the socks you knit!!!

Tan Family said...

I love all of your creative projects! Beautiful knitting. :)