Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WIP Wednesday!!

It's Work-in-progress Wednesday!
I have some catching up to do, since I haven't posted WIP for the last few weeks-
This first picture is of the sweater vest I was working on when I went out of town. I eventually decided I didn't like the way the yarn looked and tore it out. Something about the sheen of the yarn or something, so I need to find a replacement so I can start over. It's cold outside!

I started some lil socks with this beautiful self-striping yarn. I LOVE the colors and want socks for myself made out of this!!!

And then there are bonnets... I love making these 'Lyra Caps', multiple strands of big fat yarn and big needles make for a very quick project! Kylan really wants one, he picked out brown and orange for his... they are pretty girly, but he's 4, he can get away with it:)

I also made a couple pair of super soft fleece pants for Everest and my cousins little girl. I've had scraps of this fabric for a long time and once made a blanket out of it. Sewing with little ones around is challenging, but I'm hoping to try more often. These pants were so easy and quick to make, and K has a long list of requests!
Christmas is on it's way and I better get knittin'....
Have a beautiful day:)

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gardenmama said...

Oh, My! So *Very* sweet!!!
I lovelovelove the knitted bonnets, what an adorable idea! Many warm wishes : )