Monday, January 4, 2010

Boys, dolls, and vacuumes

For Christmas my dad (aka Opa) sent the boys little rechargable battery vacuums for Christmas. Kylan had been asking for one since his last one broke a while ago, he LOVED using it!!! So it is our new ritual to clean up and vacuum before dinner. They have been having so much fun helping! Today Kylan declared that it was his dolls Birthday and played with it a lot. His doll wanted to help him vacuum, so of coarse Everest has to do what his brother is doing, so the two of them ran around vacuuming with dolls in hand. It was so cute! I really couldn't get a good picture, but I thought I'd share anyway!


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Little House On Wheels said...

LED vacuums! What a great idea. I'm kind of obsessed with anything LED. Ellery got an LED lantern for Christmas. The pictures are lovely and your living room looks quite cozy.