Monday, January 4, 2010

Our Christmas

I haven't posted much lately, between the holidays and family in town, my time on the computer has been limited! Now, with things slowly shifting back to 'normal', I wanted to share a few pictures from Christmas day-

Kylan at 6am waiting to open presents!

Everest is wearing his new pirate-pig apron, Kylan got a dragon apron, I'll have to get a picture with them both wearing it...

Everest opening his rainbow gnomes from Green Mountain Wee Wollies on etsy.

Hand knit froggy blankets made by my mommy (Oma) in the background-

A blurry picture of our Christmas morning-

Kylans socks, he asked me to make them for Christmas, so even though they were done a couple months ago, he wrapped them and put them under the tree and did not open them until Christmas:)

After the morning festivities, we headed down to the coast to Wilder Ranch ( I love, love, love that place). The boys gave there bikes a try, followed buy a long walk and a picnic-

Ok, he does look girly with this hair, but I just can't cut it!!
Hope you had a memorable holiday!

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