Monday, January 11, 2010

gifts from etsy

This year I bought the boys a few special gifts from etsy. There are soooo many beautiful handmade toys, it was hard to decide which to get!! These are from Green Mountain Wee Woolies a lovely shop with unique handmade gifts at great prices (in my opinion at least). We have veered away from plastic toys, except for outside toys, and try to get 'natural' toys and more open ended things. I LOVE what we picked out and the boys seem to really enjoy them!

Kylan got a wooden toy barn for his birthday, so the pigs and chickens are a good addition!


Kimberley said...

such cute stuff!!! lucky boys you have!

farmama said...

Those are some wonderful handmade toys. I really love the hens! What lucky boys!

gardenmama said...

Such beautiful open ended toys!
It is such a pleasure to have children play with works of art!
I love the chickens : )