Saturday, January 30, 2010


Last month we went through an insane amount of flour, most of it white. I tend to make things half white and half wheat, but I've been baking a little too much lately! A couple months ago I discovered how yummy homemade soft pretzels are and homemade bagels... in addition to our usual- bread, tortillas, pizza dough, and sweet treats, I've been making bready goodness a little to much!
After realizing how many lbs. of white flour we went through last month (too embarrassed to tell you) I went to the market and stocked up on spelt flour, whole wheat, barley flour, rye flour and yummy, healthy additions like wheat germ, oats, and ground flax seed. I have been making the yummiest whole grain breads! The kids love them too! I tend to improvise on the recipe, but next time I will try to write it down and share, because they have been coming out so, so good, I realized I prefer this soft, more dense multi grain bread anyway!!
So bye, bye white flour, I'll see you on Valentines and then maybe at the next Birthday party, otherwise -your out of here!!


Little House On Wheels said...

I've always thought whole wheat flour tastes better myself, except for maybe a thick pizza crust.

gardenmama said...

Great inspiration, I would love to learn your recipes!

April's Homemaking said...

Great post, this made me think of the amount I have been using as well- many pounds since December- I love baking- I make a lot of our own treats due to nut allergies- I have been wanting to work with Rye and some of the other flours you mentioned, thanks for the inspiration.