Saturday, January 23, 2010

lofty goals for 2010

Ok, so I have New Years Resolutions, for the most part your basic, typical resolution's ...lose weight, save money, organize...but this time I actually wrote it down and wrote down steps/mini goals for each month to hopefully get me where I need to be by the end of the year. So here are my goals-

Stay within budget/no unnecessary spending-

-only spend money on necessary things

-for all extras, find a way to pay for them outside of normal income such as:

sell on ebay for birthday and clothing money

tax return will be our garden and outside budget

-stay within grocery budget (this is a big one and our main area to cut back)

Organize the house...'a place for everything and everything in it's place'

-each month I will have a different area to focus on, broken down into weekly tasks

Start a new habit monthly-

-little habits that will make my life better/easier

For January I will write out our daily plan (meals, to do list, and activities...anything I don't get done will go onto the next day)

Save money for the first time ever!

-First goal save $1000 emergency fund

- save for a bathroom remodel to start 2011!!!

*I have a secret goal* , one I haven't mentioned to my husband because it may be unrealistic, but I also am hoping to save enough to pay our midwife so we can perhaps have another child in 2011...we'll see, it's quite a chunk of money and our insurance reimburses us for half of it after the birth. We have pretty much agreed on having a third child, just not sure when...

Lose weight and live healthier-hmmm, I think this one starts next month...

To try and actually do these things I'm going to post about them once a month or so... what my goals are for the month and what I did/did not due, what I learned, etc...


Tan Family said...

Good luck! Wonderful list. If you've had homebirths before, you could consider doing an unassisted homebirth. Maybe just see the midwife a few times during the pregnancy. We had two unassisted homebirths (one was a waterbirth) and they were incredible! Much more relaxing and enjoyable. BTW...I lost 33 pounds going on a raw food diet. So healthy, too! :)

*erin* said...

I had a home/water birth that was amazing and the midwife did very little, she was only here for an hour and I caught the baby! Unassisted is something to think about!!

I have done raw before and I LOVE it... never felt better in my life, it is the easiest way to lose weight! I need to figure out how to do it and spend within our grocery budget! Maybe this summers garden will make it easy:)