Thursday, September 17, 2009

beeswax candles

I've been wanting to make beeswax candles, I thought it would be a nice fall time project to do with Kylan. Power outages are not unusual in the forest we live in and one can never have too many candles! I had trouble finding beeswax sheets at any of the local craft stores, so I ordered a little candle making kit from A Toy Garden.(and I got them 2 days after I ordered them!!) It was perfect and Kylan had a lot of fun helping me roll beeswax candles. He did really well with it! I didn't think he would actually be able to do, I just figured I would give him a sheet or two to play with while I rolled them, but no, he listened and rolled them very gently and did great. Everest played with some scrap pieces of wax. He kept asking me 'apple?' which is his way of asking if he can eat something:)

Kylan was very proud of his candles and couldn't wait to show daddy!

*good times*

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April's Homemaking said...

This activity is so much fun, I did this with my children when they were younger, and was just about to order a set for them to do now as teens. Don't you just love that beeswax smell!