Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WIP Wednesday!!

Work-In-Progress Wednesday!
This has been kind of a weird week. I have a list of projects to get done before Kylans birthday and Christmas. Somehow I ended up working on two things not on that list!!
The first, I call 'tossing pillows'. Kylan has a habit of throwing things he shouldn't, as I assume most children his age do. When he is throwing some hard wooden toy, I can hand him this as a substitute, rather then constantly telling him not to throw things over and over. He loves them and wants more. They are simply made with felt and stuffed with wool. The main reason I wanted to make them is to practice my hand stitching, which I am awful at. So, I plan on doing more little crafts like this so I can improve! I've seen some beautiful hand stitched projects lately, and I have to start somewhere:)

The second project I started is a bit random as well. I wanted to start a knit toy for Kylan's birthday, but my printer was being difficult and I was having trouble finding the time to fix it. I wanted to start something simple that I can do while I watch the boys play outside. I went into my yarn cupboard and the boys, of coarse, came running. Kylan grabbed this yarn and told me he wanted socks made out of this for Christmas! So, socks he will get:) I love this self striping yarn:)

Thanks for looking!


Kimberley Lynch said...

Hello from NH! I just found your blog...and I love it. I added it to my blog list! I love the socks...which pattern do you use?

Thanks for sharing!

*erin* said...

Hi Kimberley, I used a pattern from 'Getting Started, Knitting Socks' book by Ann Budd. I really like that book because it has a pattern for every size sock in every weight of yarn. It also has more elaborate patterns you could use, but this one is just the basic pattern:)

Thanks for looking-

Anonymous said...

What a great idea with the throwing pillows. It doesn't look to me that your not good at hand sewing. :). I love the background quilt in your picture. Have a great weekend.