Saturday, September 12, 2009

Waldorf inspired parenting

I am eagerly (or impatiently) awaiting the arrival of books and supplies from A Little Garden Flower. I bought her book on The Early Years and Waldorf Kindergarten.

Several months ago I began to read about Waldorf Education, and am thirsty for more info. It really resonates with me and I have already gained so much from the few books I have read. The foundation of the early years (0-7yo) is creating a strong rhythm in your home, free play, arts and crafts, and real work. Creating a daily rhythm has helped us enormously! It seems so basic, but we did not have a set rhythm.

I also moved bedtime up to 7:30pm, which has been great. Kylan gave up napping very early. He was going to bed around 9pm and waking whenever the baby got up in the morning, usually 6ish. That is not enough sleep for a 3 year old! Now bedtime is 7:30 and he wakes between 6-7. It really make a difference if he gets even an hour less sleep!

I have established strong daily rhythms and am still working on our weekly and yearly rhythms (traditions).

Children are greatly affected by there environments and during the early years mimic and reflect their environments and their caregivers. I recently came across a few notes I wrote down when I was first reading about Waldorf education, this is in relation to ages 0-7-

'Everything that affects a child from outside is recreated within...
This places great responsibility on the adults raising a child; they must be worthy of imitation!'

'Nurturing the adult always nurtures the child'

Other thoughts on parenting young children-
What is the tone of your home?
Talk less/don't over explain
Your energy and attitude will be imitated!
Be direct, firm, loving, and warm
stay at home more
find rhythm
limit TV and commercialized products
no guilt trips
avoid sarcasm
don't expect a toddler to control his/her emotions when most adults can't!

So, I am still working on many of these. No one is perfect. I feel encouraged to improve myself and grow into the kind of person I want to be. I look forward to my journey homeschooling my children!

'Strive for excellence, not perfection!'

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FuNkY MoMmY said...

I have been very drawn to the Waldorf phiolsophy as well. We recently found a Waldorf school near us and have attended their drop in playtime. The school is amazing!