Monday, September 7, 2009

Everest is 15 months old!

Everest Skye
Born 6/7/08

Everest is a remarkable child. He currently enjoys keeping up with his brother, being silly, and eating whatever you set in front of him. He knows quite a few words, I started to write down all the words he knew at 14mo and wrote over 50. Today his new word was 'knitting', at first he said 'ninning', but then added the 't'. It is amazing to see the different ways each child develops. He's a sweet and happy child.

Everest was born at home, in a birthing tub. I was in labor for a little over two hours. I felt the pressure of him coming down the birthing canal, and after pushing through just one long contraction I caught him in my own hands. Everyone in the room was surprises, as my midwife ran over to help pull him out of the water. It was amazing. I had a wonderful natural high for days. Then the exhaustion set in:)

I am grateful for that experience. People often say 'well I'm glad I had mine at the hospital happened' (of coarse if you have health problems or are high risk, a hospital is the only option, I don't mean to make anyone feel bad or offend you) but you really can't compare what happens at a hospital to what happens at home. Often you find out that person was induced, had epidural, was told not to push yet, etc. Those things don't happen at home. I had Kylan at a hospital, I was late and induced, but no epi. I can't compare that with a home birth. I was afraid to have a home birth with the first. I may have tried to have a home birth and after many hours transferred to the hospital and had to have a c-section. You really never know. So embrace your choices to birth where you did and why you did it. It would have been a different experience anywhere else. No matter what your birth experience was, the goal to introduce your beautiful baby to the world is them same. I am grateful for both experiences.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Erin, What a wonderful life and great family you have. Someday I hope we can visit you all. Luv Aunt Crissay,Paul and Chelle.