Saturday, September 5, 2009


Today we had a great little harvest, including the first watermelon we've ever successfully grown! Its an heirloom variety from Renee's Garden that is small and yellow. It wasn't super flavorful, but juicy with a good texture:) I'm very pleased with the delicata squash and the butternut squash in the garden are almost done as well. We officially turned on our spare freezer because our regular freezer is full of bags of tomatoes, veggies and fruit.
Everest especially loves tomatoes. It was hard to get a picture of our harvest because he keep attacking it!! He ate many cherry tomatoes and a couple large tomatoes this evening!!
I'm trying to keep momentum in the garden. I'd really like to garden year round, but it will take some time to get into the proper rhythm! I have started new seedlings and sown seeds in the soil, but I'm not getting much germination. It has been such a hot summer, maybe I will wait a few weeks and try again...

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